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Project Manager High Tech Systems

Gepubliceerd: 19 days ago
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CLS Services is a leading professional recruitment agency, specialised in the recruitment and career coaching of people with a background in chemistry & life sciences. For our client, TNO Space & Systems Engineering, we are searching for a Project Manager High Tech Systems.

The Opto-mechatronics department focuses on the conceptual design of high-tech optomechatronics systems, in close cooperation with the research groups Optics, Space Systems Engineering, Nano-Instrumentation and Instrument Manufacturing. Large commercial projects are executed for customers in the domains of Space & Science instrumentation, Semiconductor Equipment and the Manufacturing Industry.
The role of the group within the strong global position of the Dutch mechatronics industry is that of supplier of breakthrough technology. Core areas for the group for the coming years are robust adaptive optomechatronics modules and control systems; industrial instrumentation for in-line inspection and control, and nano-optomechatronical instruments for applications in next-generation lithography, metrology and medical diagnostics. The group has a close collaboration with several universities and research institutes, a large network in industry and contributes to the Topsector roadmap Mechatronics.

Job description
Do you have experience as Project manager in Mechanical engineering or Electrical engineering and looking for a challenging new position in a Dynamic work group? We are now looking for an experienced manager High Tech Systems at TNO Delft.

As a Project Manager High Tech Systems you’ll be responsible for planning, organizing and executing projects within the domains of Space & Science instrumentation, Semiconductor Equipment and the Manufacturing Industry. Throughout the project you’ll be leading a multidisciplinary team of experts from multiple departments. The goal of the projects is to develop working prototypes, instruments or one-of systems for clients. During the Business Development phase you’ll play an important role together with the Business Development Manager. In the role of Project Manager you advise on how to approach projects, programs and how to optimize the role of Project Manager within the Optomechatronics Department or TNO as a whole.

Who we're looking for
To be able to perform well in the role of Project Manager High Tech Systems, it is important for you to recognize yourself in the profile below:

  • You have a Masters or PhD in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering;
  • You have at least 8 years of experience working in the role of Project Manager in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering;
  • You have experience in producing complex hardware systems.
  • You are sharp when it comes to processes and have a proven track record in managing projects within the boundaries of time, quality and money;
  • You have strong communication skills, are structured but pragmatic. And you feel comfortable in working in projects that deal with a lot of uncertainties due to complex scientific and engineering problems that we try to solve at TNO;
  • You are attuned to strategical and political contexts of the projects that you lead. Due to that you know how to act accordingly and are sharp on the dynamics within the project teams when doing so.

Are you the experienced project manager we are looking for?

Additional vacancy information
Reference: A2000022
Contract: Temporary contract with CLS Services
Education: PhD.
Contactperson: René Kemps
Phone: +31 (0)88 22 77 555

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