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Lead Engineer HVAC & Cleanroom Systems

Gepubliceerd: ongeveer 1 maand geleden


As an Lead Engineer HVAC & Cleanroom Systems your main mission will be to match the huge HVAC demand of our 10,000-people campus and 60,000 sqm of cleanroom with a reliable, sustainable and cost-efficient supply. You will match the growing demand by refurbishments and new installations, but you will also manage demand by understanding the nature of our production facilities and advising on their operating patterns. Cost-efficiency is one of your key drivers, but the same goes for reliability and availability: HVAC is a business-critical activity at ASML and you will be expected to achieve 99.8% C/R availability while securing the quality of the air supplied to these vulnerable environments. And there is more… this is ASML. You will be expected to understand our HVAC and cleanroom systems so intimately that you will be one-step-ahead of our contractors and in a position to challenge them to reach higher and higher service levels in terms of cost, risk and performance. It’s a challenging task, but one that comes with the satisfaction that your efforts are critical to our company’s success.

Job Description

You are responsible for our HVAC and Cleanroom system costs, reliability and performance as well as ensuring optimized capacity management over their expected 25-year lifetime. You will work closely with our Development & Engineering, Operations and our Maintenance sectors and be responsible to come up with optimal solutions that meet the stakeholders requirements in the best possible manner. You will help:

  • Secure daily operation of the ASML Veldhoven production facilities and office facilities.
  • Maximize availability, reliability, performance and return on capital investments of these technical assets over their entire lifecycle.
  • Define measures to manage HVAC operation of facilities in a sustainable way.
  • Create safe, healthy and environmentally sound work conditions for every ASML employee and visitor to the ASML premise.
  • Forecast future commodity consumption and ensure future production capabilities according to ASML Development roadmap.
  • Manage capacity peak and average loads and provide recommendations to both management and operations on what to optimize and how to do so.
  • Be responsible for utility Masterplans on Heating, Cooling, Humidification and Ventilation and prepare related annual budget requests.
  • Evaluate and benchmark the performance of our technical installations and initiate improvements.
  • Prepare Business Continuity Impact Analysis Document with regards to HVAC and cleanroom systems in coordination with the Corporate Risk and Assurance team.


  • BSc/MSc in process engineering, mechanical engineering or equivalent.


  • 3 -8 years of relevant work experience.
  • Proven experience in the semiconductor or pharmaceutical industry

Personal skills

  • Flexible, pro-active and communicative personality who is able to act in a highly demanding and volatile technological environment.
  • Team player, yet self-starting
  • Conceptual and hands-on
  • Analytical
  • Learning by doing mentality
  • Eye for quality and consistency; thorough and precise
  • Excellent in English (must) & Dutch (pre), verbally and written
  • Writing abilities


For more information call Steven Meijer or Anouk van der Heijden +31 (0) 40 - 2916450
or send an email to or

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