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Engineer/Researcher Energy Conversion & Storage

Gepubliceerd: 15 dagen geleden
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CLS Services is a leading professional recruitment agency, specialised in the recruitment and career coaching of people with a background in chemistry & life sciences. For our client, TNO Sustainable Process & Energy Systems, we are searching for an Engineer/Researcher Energy Conversion & Storage.

Company profile
The diverse background in (bio-)process engineering, gas capture and treatment, and thermal energy at TNO gives them a strong position to work towards a sustainable industry and society. Together with their partners, they set the goal to create new technologies and processes that benefit people & our planet, without compromising profit.

Three areas of their current interest are:

  • Green chemistry, where they look at utilization of biobased feedstock for production of chemicals and at sustainable chemical processing, e.g. electrochemical conversions.
  • Gas treatment, which provides solutions, for the production of renewable gases (biogas, syngas, hydrogen, etc.) and for the capture and utilization of CO2.
  • Thermal energy, which covers both energy conversion to heat (and back) as well as heat storage.

Within these areas they create optimised & efficient processes, develop high-performing prototypes, and transfer their knowledge so their partners and clients will gain that competitive edge. This can take the form of sub-systems, but also of complete, integrated setups. In addition, they can arrange benchmarking and test compliance with appropriate standards and regulations.

The energy sector and the (chemical) industry are in a transition towards: the use of new feedstock, the use of renewable energy, process and energy efficiency, introduction of circularity and, of course, carbon capture and re-use. The group Sustainable Process & Energy Systems based in Delft (The Netherlands) works on these transitional topics with a fast growing diverse international team of about 65 employees.
The core technical expertise is Gas- Treatment and Conversion, Separation technologies, Bio-based Building Block synthesis and Energy Conversion & Storage. We work for- and with (renewable) energy and chemistry companies and in a network of international knowledge partners.
In order to achieve the 2050 European energy and climate sustainability goals for renewable energy, a multi-energy approach on energy generation and conversion is required to release the full potential of intermittent renewable energies. Energy storage (i.e. storage of electricity, heat, and gas like hydrogen) is indispensable for creating flexibility, allowing to optimize the balance between the supply and demand profiles of energy. The Energy Conversion & Storage team is active in developing these technologies and is currently looking to expand with an engineer/ researcher.

Job description
Are you interested in sustainable energy and do you like to work in a laboratory environment? This position at TNO might be interesting for you!
As an engineer/ researcher, you will either independently or in a team design, develop, engineer, and test laboratory set-ups and field pilots, of a thermal, physical and chemical nature.
Projects and activities you will work on are dynamic in nature meaning that you are flexible and innovative and able to adjust your approach to the nature of the projects. Using your creative mindset, together with a proactive and result-oriented approach, helps you achieving this.

Who we're looking for
An ideal candidate would have the following background:
  • You have a M.Sc. in e.g. physics, process technology, mechanical engineering or sustainable energy technology;
  • You have at least 2 years of working experience with research and engineering in a relevant environment;
  • You have experience with thermal systems, data acquisition, electrical measurements and pressurized systems, and with the use of supporting numerical models to improve the performance of such systems;
  • You have experience with advanced engineering/ research software (e.g. Labview, Aspen, Python);
  • You have a good mastery of the English language, both verbal and written. Knowledge of Dutch is a pre.

The position is best suited to an enthusiastic person with the following characteristics:
  • You have a hands-on mentality and you are very comfortable with working in a lab;
  • You are a team player, but you can work independently in a lab environment;
  • You are able to design, develop and engineer laboratory set-ups and field pilots;
  • You have a drive to develop innovative solutions to technically challenging problems by combining the right mix of intellectual curiosity and a pragmatic approach;
  • You are highly motivated to work in a diverse international team working towards innovative solutions for a more sustainable economy;
  • You are proactive, communicative, have good interpersonal and reporting skills.

Additional vacancy information
Reference: A2000001
Contract: Temporary contract with CLS Services
Education: WO/MSc.
Contactperson: René Kemps
Phone: +31 (0)88 22 77 555

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